A diamond is regarded as elite in the jewelry family.

The demand value of polished diamonds in the United States was a whopping 12.07 billion U.S dollars in 2017.

They are the hardest substances found on earth and can be molded only by another diamond. Moreover, they are huge purchases and bought on special occasions, close to one’s heart.

Though we dream of owning diamond jewelry, we overlook the need to maintain it appropriately.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the world’s largest institute to test and evaluate the authenticity of gems. According to a team of experts here, diamonds are vulnerable to cosmetic exposure, contact to changing climatic conditions, and rough activities like cleaning and traveling.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to retain the sparkle in your diamonds:

  • Rub-Off Dirt Frequently

Ideally, you should be dusting off dirt and skin oil from your diamond jewelry after every use. You can use a soft chamois or flannel cloth to rub off the dirt after each wear. This will prevent it from looking hazy and help it retain its shine.

  • Give It a Thorough Clean-Up

An occasional detergent bath will help your diamonds. You can use a gentle degreasing solution such as water with a few drops of liquid detergent. Soak your diamonds in this solution and clean them.

You can use a soft-bristled brush to do this. Dedicate this brush to jewelry cleaning. Using a brush helps clean places like the back of the diamond, which tends to hold maximum dirt.

Other ways to clean diamonds are:

  • Soak diamonds in a mixture containing equal ratios of ammonia and water. Leave your diamonds in it for an hour. Let them dry after a rinse. This maintains the natural brightness of diamonds.

  • Add one or two teaspoons of baking soda in hot water. Leave your diamond in this mixture. Rinse it thoroughly and pat dry. You can also try a paste using baking soda and water. Apply this on the diamond and clean it with a brush or cloth.

  • Drop an Alka-Seltzer in water. Put your diamond in this fizzing mixture and watch your jewelry get its shine back.

  • Denture tablets are a sure bet for diamonds to retain their charm. Drop your diamond jewelry in a mixture of denture tablets and water. Rinse and find them sparkling clean.

  • Toothpaste is a great jewelry cleaner. Apply some paste on the diamond, scrub it, clean it, and watch your jewelry come back to life!

  • Store Diamonds Separately

To prevent diamonds from getting scratches, store them appropriately. Ensure that you store diamonds in their original case. You can also try adding an extra fabric-lining to the jewelry box you are using. Wrap them securely in a tissue or linen cloth before storing it away in the jewelry case.

  • Restrict Exposure to Cosmetics and Direct Sunlight

Dazzling diamonds in the sunshine are a sight to behold. But to make sure your diamonds retain their gleam, keep them away from direct sunlight. Contact with cosmetics is also a big no for diamonds. These substances may result in a build-up, which reduces the shine and brilliance of your diamonds.

  • Do Not Expose to Harmful Solutions

Though cleaning your diamond jewelry is mandatory, using harmful chemicals like abrasives or chlorine is not recommended. These substances tend to erode the metals used to support diamond settings. They may also discolor the jewelry.

  • Let them Rest in a Chain

To avoid scratches or dents in diamonds, you will need to secure them in the best way. One way is to fix it in a chain or place it in a holder. For example, according to Feng Shui, diamonds instill trust and bliss in a marriage. In India, astrological experts insist on having a diamond placed in the mangalsutra, an ornament which signifies a woman’s matrimonial status. Women make sure to select from a wide range of diamond mangalsutras for their big day. Diamonds are also used in pendants to be worn with regular chains.

  • Avoid Contact with Rough Surfaces

It is always best to remove your diamond jewelry when doing tough, manual work. Washing dishes, lifting heavy loads, cleaning, bathing, and swimming are a few instances wherein your jewelry comes in continuous contact with water, sunlight or rough surfaces. It is highly recommended that you avoid wearing diamonds at such occasions and store them safely in their case.  

  • Give It a Check Each Day

If you wear diamond jewelry on a daily basis, for example in the form of your wedding ring or a favorite neck piece, consider examining it every day. Look for stones which wiggle and see if the supporting prongs have loosened. If that’s the case, get the issue addressed by a professional jeweler immediately.

  • Get It Cleaned Professionally

Cleaning your diamond jewelry occasionally with professional help can also help maintain its texture.  This includes cleaning using steam and ultrasonic cleaners. This is followed by polishing the gem using a high-speed wheel, which removes tiny scratches and brightens it.

White gold diamond jewelry will need rhodium plating or re-dipping at periodic intervals.  You can get all this done by a professional jeweler for best results.

Wrap Up

A diamond is an everlasting gem which may lose its charm even from a single touch by the human finger. It can lose its sheen and value if handled carelessly.

So, are you planning to buy this precious gem? Hope the above-listed tips have given you a sneak peek into everything that goes into maintaining diamond jewels.

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