((I'm just going to say this right now. This legend was for an assignment in school I did this year. It is entirely fake and has nothing to do with religion. It was made for entertainment & of course, for school. Enjoy!))

Once a long time ago, in a valley sparkling silver in the moonlight, a girl was staring at the empty, inky blue sky. The girl's name was Étoiles, but everyone called her E.T. for short. The sky was like a blank canvas, which had a big blob of grey called the moon. E.T. wasn't allowed outside at this time in the first place, since the sky didn't offer much light. It was dangerous to wander at midnight. E.T. looked sadly at the sky. She wanted to give the big grey orb some company, when she suddenly had an idea. Standing up, she hurried off home. 

The next day, E.T. went out at noon to see a man named Vincent van Gogh. She knocked on his door, and he opened up looking mildly surprised. "What brings you here, E.T?" "Sir, I just had a great idea-" And E.T. described her brilliant thought. When she finished, van Gogh looked amused. "I'll do it today, then, at midnight."

During midnight, E.T. and van Gogh were at the silver valley. "Do it," E.T. whispered, barely able to contain her excitement. Van Gogh nodded, and he pulled out white paint and a toothbrush, while E.T. was carrying a paper plate. Then, van Gogh poured some paint, which let off a faint glow, onto the plate. Dipping the toothbrush in the paint, van Gogh brought it up to eye level and aimed. He then flicked it, ad instantly glowing white dots flew up to the sky and stuck where they had landed. Van Gogh continued to do this, until the sky looked like a navy blue canvas with white dots. When he finished, E.T. asked, "What should we call them?" "Your name is French, right? What does it mean?" van Gogh asked in return. "Stars. In France, they are known as a symbol of hope." E.T. replied. They fondly looked at the sky for a while, until van Gogh answered. "We shall call them stars, then. They will be known as the symbol of hope and light." And so, every night after that, the stars would appear in the night sky and would illuminate the city, allowing E.T. to go out every night.

And that is the legend of how stars were made. 

Published by Crystal Lunar