The lemon-tree that’s flowering this spring

Reminds me of the happiness you bring

‘Here you go,’ – I take one from the tree

Your hand in mine – the best of company


Remember when you were just a girl –

Dancing, prancing, trampolining, too?

The bounce in your step was attraction, yet unfurled

Like blue sky, fine, I held on, tight, to you


That lemon started, like a baby, as a bud

And was slow to mature – child-like, it played

How-some-ever, ever slowly, it portrayed

A child reaching the teenager phase


Through the quintessential core, your world had frayed

Through the prototypical, you’d say;

‘One should believe there’s more to love than hate –

Something we all ought appreciate.’


Onward, forward, beyond, thine circle reached

To love, to lose, to recall and then beseech

A foul cry lost and left behind to mend

Fences that she promised to defend


Once constructed, gates would open, new

And petty loss would be just that to her

He who held her hand for time unknown

Would be seen, with open heart, to stand and share


And when the spring rejoiced in newfound life

With blue sky, fine, and lemons flowering

Her heart would unfurl attraction’s light, and

Their seamlessness, heard, each time they’d sing.

Published by Owen Tilley