Here's what I learned during this recent US election:

1. The popular media lies and labels people unfairly without evidence. Journalism is dead.

2. Most people put social acceptance, above rationality. People think differently to how they act. 

3. The ruling political class have lost their grip on hearts and minds. 

4. The left has become the new right. 

5. The words racism, bigotry, misogyny and sexism have become cliche and are now a detriment to their original purpose. 

6. There is, just about, some power left for the people. 

7. People who preach about being against hate, hate the most. 

8. The most irrational, loudest voices project their own insecurities the most. These people are an open book. 

No matter how the US election result went for you, at least one of these is good news, and hopefully the next election can get back to what's really important - policy. I'm also thankful that for now at least, the threat of war with Russia has lost it's tension. 



Published by Amuro Rey