Sometimes you see something
that's been around 
for as long as you could remember
and realize -
you've never really looked at it before.

Like all things that laugh
at your blind side,
it taunts you -
what else have you never seen?

Sometimes, you look twice 
and you see more.
Sometimes you wish
you left it ignored,
to avoid the illusion's shatter -
the mind can make things 
more beautiful than they seem,
after all.

But a second glance
can be rewarding
however awful the view.

To live in the mind's eye
without getting further to the truth
may seem comforting
but it's cruel.

The reality may seem daunting
but walk slowly and look around -
don't be in a rush to leave,
don't turn your back against it 
to run towards the rose-colored light.
Fantasy is but a short respite.
You get lost in yourself
but you never really escape.

Published by Nessie Quiambao