Thursday, August 4, 2016 3:24 PM

So I’m watching Maury and the most trifling thing happened. Before I get into that, this man is proposing to his girlfriend for the FOURTH time. She accused him of cheating and he passed every question. He admitted to cheating 1 times, I’m assuming she knew about it because she started smiling. He only lied about job though. She called looking for him to find out he NEVER worked there, lmao.

There was this 50 years old woman, she looked good for her age. I guess black don’t crack. She’s been on there like 3 other times and she was on there today, with her daughter’s support, to find out if her fiancé in his 30’s was cheating and if so, the wedding was off. She said how she caught him in HER car with his ex in the backseat and a few days after found a thong. She complained about him coming home smelling like horrible sex, he said it’s because he works at an aquarium, LMFAO She found a love letter he was “PROOFING” for his friend. Do I even have to tell you he failed? Not only did he fail, HE SLEPT WITH HER DAUGHTER. Really? How could you do that to your mother? She said revenge. FOR?? They both got kicked out.

Then this Big Black girl needed know, as if It wasn’t obvious, whether or not her boyfriend living with her, with no job, was cheating on her and with her for her money. Ugh, insecure bitches aggravate me. You can’t tell by the empty condom wrappers, booty shorts under your pillow about my size, $200 dinner receipts and your maxed out credit cards? REALLY BITCH?! Then this country white girl he claimed was his “cyber stalker” she said he work at Walmart, they be on the phone all day, of course they do. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee