So basically, I'm addicted to lipsticks, I'm not joking. I see one in a gorgeous colour and I have to buy it, great for my lips and outfits but it's slowly becoming a bit of a problem for my bank account... I have a few favourite lip brands being Mac, Tom Ford, YSL, Kate Moss, NYX, I'm not one to discriminate really, I just love a good lipstick. Whether it be matte, liquid, sheer, I just cannot help myself. We've all been there, purchased a gorgeous new lipstick, the packaging is beautiful, we open the box for the first time and you have that 'new lipstick smell' and it's so pristine when you open it that you don't want it to caress your lips just yet, you have to appreciate the newness of it. It may sound crazy but if you're a lipstick addict you will defo get this. 

It's especially that moment when you wear said new lipstick out for the first time and someone or your friend comments on it and you're like 'bam, it's Mac's 'velvet teddy'' and already the guilt of the damage it's done to your bank account goes away because why not spend £15 on a lipstick, it's that price for a reason and the comments prove it, and that's how you justify it. Being a lipstick addict is tricky, you have to keep up to date with all the new lipstick trends, you also have to maintain kissable and soft lips so you invest in lip scrub and various lip balms that claim to do the trick, all in prep for your lipstick of choice for that day. 

As a lipstick addict you dread it when one of your friends asks to borrow your lipstick, this literally makes you uneasy. Or, if your friend is wearing the completely wrong shade for her outfit and it literally hurts your soul a little because you know that 'Ravisihing' creme sheen by Mac would totally go better with this outfit than the bright red she has selected. It's very difficult being a lipstick addict because you have your shades that you go to on a daily basis and you have some gorgeous colours that you realllllyyy want to wear but you can't shake that you just love 'honey love' or shade 34 Kate Moss, it's a horrible dilemma, or when you're faced with two shades that would go with your outfit but you have no idea which one to wear because they're both equally as beautiful. 

An annoyance of a lipstick addict is when people say, 'but you have about 4 lipsticks in that shade' and they don't realise that they're all different slightly and have different textures, but they just don't understand, yes 'kinky' , 'viva glam' and 'party line' are all red but they're each very different, try explaining that to someone who isn't into lipsticks, especially when you have about 20 something different nude shades ( I actually probably own that amount of nudes to be honest)

Basically having all these lipsticks and knowing each and every one of their names and knowing their whereabouts in your makeup drawer and making sure they're all in the correct place and order just shows your love, not obsession, you love each and every one like they're your children and you have your 'go to's' that you love to get out in spring and autumn that when you see that first fallen leaf in Autumn you know it's time to whack out Charlotte Tilbury's 'Glastonbury' because lets face it, there's nothing better than a good burgundy lip in Autumn.

With love The Lipstick Addict...

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Published by Lauren Banks