The Life Of Cycle Man (Rickshaw wala)
Ting Ting,
A majestic journey started at morning 
I dream a dreamed that which no one dreams
So let me Make it into the real world 
With the unstoppable inspiring life 
Traveling with the honesty to feed the live's of home
And to leave behind a painful daily routine to earn as much as the day acquires from the time,
Challenges are a bit to fight with the condition as inflation, rain, sweat, thrist, hunger & critical situations are daily ride,
Straining the whole mind for a curious path by the pedestrian crossing
Risks taken away from the inside until it admired your Passion to rub the hard-working person for earning Money,
Stacking the load of life in the head
By paddling a wheel around to travel, the amount of distance covers of Paddling to transport the heavy lifting weights to the destination mark to earn the first money for the day it thrusts down & weary at the same time 
On the daily basis, it's faces many Turning & damaged road to manage the serenity of safe driving & to complete a safety journey by customers eye's 
Cycle Men (Rickshaw wala) depended to be living a cruel handling, gastric hopeful life to feed their family with a fraternity time off tomorrow 
Days and night are made for the working life
No festival's, no Sunday's just an aim to nourish the family by two time of food
Which rusted away from many lives some degraded the situation some lies on the same routine
More than a day is less than the time 
Cycling every day for tomorrow's live 
Pain is the grain suffer every time 
By back born trembling while driving and wakes the harsh furious mind to the fragile path
Some denied in hopelessly some stick alone as hard work is paded off,
The life will carry many sighs to paved away everything and to learn humanity reward for the hard working people's as the cycle man who buried their  happiness in the dripping water of a sweating face to tackle the day with positive aspects for unveiling life to turn around the framed on the with many of humanity is a message to be learned from the cycle man, They work by paddling to give the strength on the path where life is pretended once or forgotten for the whole time.
I salute the nurture hard-working to the people's who earn for the family from the right way, the right direction of hard work is to pay off for the life for sure.
Inspiring people's, inspiring life.
This is my country and 
my Voice for the Whole life!. 

Published by Chirayu Writer