If you ask me how long
a poem should be written,
I will tell you:
write it
like you’re letting go.

A poem must never
feel like a chore.
Like forced love
isn’t love,
a strained poem
sounds insincere.

Try writing phrases
too short,
one will never get enough.

Try letting it stretch
longer than it should
though it has gone past
it’s time and have seen
everything it could,
you risk leading people
into a winding road –
you soften the blow,
and let the pain linger too long,
it’s become dull.

A poem, like love,
should only extend
for as long as it could –
just enough to teach
what you need to learn
and to relinquish
what they need to feel.

So if you ask me,
how long should a poem go,
I’ll say: watch me
kiss this poem goodbye
and set it free.

Published by Nessie Quiambao