Life's Kitchen is a series I started on my blog early this year to share 101 Life's lessons I had learned in 2015 which gave birth to a daily segment on my blog, Wisdom Corner.

In every post, I will share 10 of these lessons till all 101 of them have been shared. So here's the first 10:

1. Take educated risks as often as possible; everything you know now was once foreign to you.
2. Don’t wait till you’re about to die before you decide to live.
3. Be careful who you let into your life; you don’t need a million friends to feel good about yourself.

4. Hearing and listening two different things. Learn to listen intently, and speak less.
5. Love GOD, your family, friends… Wholeheartedly
6. Be good to people not because you want something in return but because it’s the right thing to do.

7. Wisdom is profitable to the wise.
8. Silence is the best answer for a fool. Never argue with a foolish person
9. Act like the fool to a fool, so the fool thinks he’s fooling you.
10. Love GOD, your family, friends… Wholeheartedly.

The next 10 drop in two days, look out for it.

What life's lessons have you learnt so far?

Published by Alicia James