In the midst of darkness;

A fallen world.

I witness a shining light.

Just high enough to notice.

But not low enough to physically reach.

Bright enough to see, but still very meek.

Many encounter this light calling it anything

Other than illuminating;

The light shines high above the skies;

Providing us free will to follow or pass it on bye.

Guiding those who surrender to the everlasting

Bar of life. “I know what you are thinking; a bar?”

Yes; A bar! Not full of drinks and bad


Yet a bar filled w/ love; grace; mercy and forgiveness;

Quenching your thirst with everlasting promises;

Only provided by a King.

Not all of us that follow the light

Are welcomed into this bar. Just hearts that are full

In faith; Forgiveness; Love; Mercy and Grace.

Because without the light, we wouldn’t know of such things!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews