The Light 

Chapter 2

Before she awoke that morning, she was cold. She was bitter. Ever her mom and dad had passed away and she had felt death's cold, hard sting, she hated everything. She hated everyone. 

​She couldn't look at people in the eye without feeling like she got the short end of the stick. She constantly was looking for identity in other things. Years came by, and she felt more distant from personal relationships. She became friendless. She had lost everyone. not even a dog could stay with her. She contemplated suicide even, but knew that would be too messy. She didn't want to go through the trouble.

However, she did sometimes wish for a better life. She wished that things had turned out better for her, so she wouldn't feel this deep dissatisfaction in her life.

She still worked very hard, however. She was a well off lawyer and she made a very good living. But there wasn't much more to it than that. She felt money was power, but the more money she had, the more she wanted. She looked for satisfaction in money and in success, but it left her feeling emptier than ever.

Sometimes at night, she wished for a way out.

Years went by, and her hair became grayer, and the wrinkles under her eyes increased. She became exhausted from living. She had no love in her heart, and if it was there, she couldn't tell. No one was able to tell. She was that old, mean lawyer who lived down the street, and no one wanted to bother her.

They acted like she didn't exist.

But one day, this all changed. It all changed after the dream.

And what was in that dream, you ask? So much more than she ever thought could be possible.


Published by Grace Upon Goodness