Chapter 3

She had never dreamed a dream like it. Not anything like this one. She felt before this, there was no hope in anything. But once she shut her eyes that night, there was a deep sensation for something more. Something happier. Something actually joyful. 

It was a light. A bright, shining light in the dark sky. And there was a beautiful, beautiful sound in the background. Something she couldn't even quite make out, but boy was it lovely. And she hadn't loved a song like that in years. She had rarely even listened to music, but this was just so beautiful. It was a beautiful humming sound, and she was sure that this was already a dream she never wanted to wake up from.

The light was shining. It was brighter than ever. She had never seen anything like it. If light could be graceful, this was a perfect example of that grace. It was sweet, but powerful. It said "look at me, take awe and wonder in me" without her hearing anything at all. She stared and she let it in. She let it soak up every part of her.

And then suddenly, it was gone.

It just disappeared. It had zapped into oblivion it seemed. 

She was upset. She wanted it back. She wanted it back badly. This didn't even seem so much to her as a dream anymore.

As she wanted and wanted it more, the light slowly was fading in again. Each time she wanted it, more and more of the light would shine in the darkness. And as the light grew, so did her peace. This peace flooded her whole body, leaving her feeling still. She didn't even want to move, in fear that the stillness would evacuate. She hadn't felt peace like this since her parents were alive. She craved it ever since, but for now, it was in her midst. Without money, without success. Just with this light she had received all that would ever fulfill her.

And when she awoke, she would never be the same again.

Published by Grace Upon Goodness