She spoke to hear her voice, and it was lovely.

She looked in the mirror and she looked completely different. It was like something had changed her. The wrinkles were gone, the gray hair had transformed youthful blonde locks. Her eyes were softer, her skin much paler. She had not a flaw on her skin.

She was gentle, and delicate. She felt beautiful, and she sure was beautiful.  

It was as if her heart had been a reflection on how she looked. And now that her soul had changed, so had everything else.

She wanted to shout with joy to the world, she wanted to sing! She wanted to dance. She didn't even know what the heck was going on with her. She wanted to throw kindness around and she wanted to make others feel the exact same way as she did.

She ran out the door and walked down the street, knocking on doors and humming a made-up toon. Gosh, was she joyful. As people opened their doors to look at this craziness, they couldn't help but be in awe.

Even though she looked crazy, they adored her. She had seen something different in herself than before. And maybe that wasn't the result of her, but something else. Some strange, unexplainable thing. By looking at her, they too, wanted what she now had. They wanted to know what helped her change. How could anything turn a poor old woman to a youthful joyous beauty like that? How in the world is that even possible?

They stopped her in the street, and she began to tell the story of how she saw the light in her dream. She woke up, and she was different. She wanted the light and she accepted it, so it was apart of her now. But she had an amazing feeling that somehow, the light wanted her first. 

The light was the answer to everything. 

Published by Grace Upon Goodness