Yousuf Karsh - darkness quote

Hues Coaching focuses on achieving one's value and utilizing skills and potential to stand out.

Who doesn't want to be successful and shine amongst others? To excel you need to have character and "Character, like a photograph, develops in Darkness", as Yousuf Karsh stated.

In life you will fall, make mistakes, be wrong, and perhaps fall a little more, but guess what "those boots are meant for walking", get up, stand tall, see the light of darkness, and move on. Past Life Regression sessions help you take control over your past and even change it. And with the help of Future Life Progression you are able to visualize your best possible future, not just to meditate and relax, but to fulfill that future vision with a more focused mindset, positive energy, and seeing what future you can create.

The reason I chose Karsh for my blog today is because his photographs simply bring a positive vibe and there's this beauty that we can see through his eyes and lens.

Yousuf Karsh is a photographer coming from Armenian roots who fled passing through precious Beirut  , and made his way eventually to Ottawa, Canada. Together with his family during his younger years, they fled by foot leaving their home behind, in his biography he states "with us we took no baggage, only our lives".

He stood tall, he mastered his skills, and he projected his character to the world.

He is the man behind famous photographs, those engraved in our heads and pop up at the call of each personality's name. He shot portraits of legends like Audrey Hepburn, Muhammad Ali, Mother Theresa, Grace Kelly, and Marian Anderson <3. Click here to see the portraits.

Published by Marwa Patz