As the light filled her neighborhood, others saw its effect. Others noticed the magic, first on the outside and then on the inside. Neighborhood after neighborhood quickly turned into city after city, and then the whole world eventually knew of this light. 

They knew once you accepted it into your life, you would never ever be the same again.

She thanked the Light for what it did, how it changed her life. It had given her peace, and it had given her a home. 

As for humanity, it revealed who was looking for the light and who wasn't. Those who had not accepted the Light were loved and sought after by those who had. This was too good not to share with every one they would come across.

Of course, some would not accept it. The world is not a perfect place.

As for the woman, it wasn't important that her looks changed, that is not important at all. What was important was the continual rest she felt every time she dreamed of the light. It fueled her, and over time it became her power source.

No longer was she looking for fulfillment in money or success, all of her fulfillment came from this one light she would dream of every night.

And like I said, some nights she wouldn't choose it. But because of those nights, she knew just how important the Light is.

How crazy is it that one, incredible thing can change our whole existence? Can change our souls, can change how we see the world?

Years and years past, and the woman peacefully passed away.

The story is told that she never truly died, for the light had led her home.

And on her tomb stone was written this:

"Here lies the woman

Who accepted the world's greatest gift

Without this acceptance

We all would not know of it

Though she is in rest,

Her story will continue to be told

She was the first to share the one true Love

the Light which saves the soul"


The End

Published by Grace Upon Goodness