‘Adelaide Bon grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Paris, a privileged child with a loving family, lots of friends and seemingly limitless opportunity lying ahead of her. But one sunny afternoon, when she was nine years old, a strange man followed her home and raped her in the stairwell of her building. She told her parents, they took her to the police, the fact of the crime was registered … and then a veil was quietly drawn over that part of her childhood, and life was supposed to go on.

Except, of course, it didn’t.

Throughout her adolescence and young adulthood, Adelaide struggles with the aftermath of the horror of that afternoon in 1990. The lingering trauma pervades all aspects of her life: family education, friendships, relationships, even her ability to eat normally. And then one day, many years later, when she is married and has a small son, she receives a call from the police saying that they think they have finally caught the man who raped her, a man who has hidden in plain sight for decades, with many other victims ready to testify against him. The subsequent court case reveals Giovanni Costa, the stuff of nightmares and bogeyman, finally vanquished by the weight of dozens and dozens of emotional and horrifying testimonies from all the women whose lives and childhoods he stole.’

This book was absolutely heartbreaking,

We see the statistics, but rarely do we get the chance to follow the devastating consequences of childhood rape and the impact it has over the decades that follow.

This powerful and emotional memoir is hard to read at times but completely necessary in the time of the #MeToo conversation.

Adelaide Bon’s writing is beautiful, emotive and completely candid, and the translations by Ruth Diver are absolutely perfect.

I didn’t know what to expect from this memoir, I didn’t expect to find my self so affected by the personal account of Adelaide Bon’s life.

The Little Girl On The Ice Floe by Adelaide Bon is a must read for everyone. This memoir will stay with you long after the final page.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker