Konjac Sponge, say thank you to Mother Earth. If it is something you have not heard of then I am delighted to introduce you to the Konjac sponge. Curious name!?

I love a little pamper and this is one way I can feel like I am treating myself to a relaxing natural gentle cleanse of my face and body, with minimum effort and ease.

Once you try the Konjac sponge your wash routine will never be the same again as you become familiar and newly dependent on its uses.

 What is the Konjac Sponge?

Konjac is derived from a potato like plant that can be found in areas such as Asia.

That is how it looks like:

Photo OiB courtesy of Spudsponge.com

Photo OiB courtesy of Spudsponge.com

It has been used for a number of years as a food source but more recently started being used in beauty treatments. The Konjac sponge is made from a vegetable fibre which is produced from the plant and then combined with French clays to make a sponge.

Some of the benefits of the Konjac sponge are: Biodegradable

  • Natural Extremely soft and gentle
  • Comes in different varieties suitable for numerous skin types

 What can it do?

I was constantly looking for a natural cleanser and with the Konjac sponge there is certainly a lot to thank Mother Earth for in finding me my solution. The Konjac sponge provides you with a gentle cleaner and exfoliator for both face and body.

This is how mine looks like. I think I got it early May, thats a good 6 weeks ago:

Konjac Organicisbeautiful.com blog

Try it for yourself and witness the delicate nature in which it removes dead skin from your body leaving your skin feeling fresh, amazingly soft and smooth. Make up removal is another use and if you are anything like me, removing your make up can always be a bit of a chore.

Did you know? Argan Oil is also a fabulous gentle make up removal to try out!

The soft texture of the sponge allows you to use it to take off a lot of your make up gently and quickly leaving you feeling super fresh.

∴ Is there a technique to using the sponge?

When you first get your sponge the texture may seem quite dry and hard.

There is one simple trick. The trick is to wet the sponge under warm water and gradually you will feel the texture begin to soften in your hands.

Once softened the sponge will adopt a puffy and wet appearance and this is now where you can begin you mini pamper and use the flat side of the sponge to exfoliate and gently remove dirt and dead skin. Removal of the dead skin will leave you feeling great as your tired skin is stimulated and feels brand new.

We all know how good that clean freshly washed feeling is.

All good things must come to an end an over time your sponge will require replacing, usually when it begins to deteriorate and break up. But hey, where is the harm in replacing something for new when you know how good your skin is left feeling after using your sponge, particularly as they are also so reasonably costed. Not only that but even when you dispose of your old sponge it can be used in compost as it is natural and totally safe.

Once your face is freshly clean, a drop or two of organic coconut oilcarrot oil combined with the right skincare routine will make your skin glow. Promise ;)

Lots of love xx


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