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My dear Rome! Is a splendid city, with its amazing places, which will bring you to the antique Rome, you will feel it if you go to the Colosseum or to the Pantheon of Rome, those are unique places, if someday you go to Rome, obviously you have to go to those places, another special place is the Roman Forum, this is like a place which was built for a movie, is spectacular! I definitely recommend it, and the famous "Fontana di Trevi" is a "must do" in Rome, the story says that if you throw a coin here you'll be back to the city, is so pretty and you will enjoy the environment here, you can also go to the Sistine Chapel or to the "Basilica di San Pietro" those building are simply gorgeous, you'll be fascinated while you see this! And if you want to see more buildings, you should go to the Vatican Museums, where you'll see everything you can imagine about the Vatican, is highly recommended the audio guide and the "Castello Sant'Angelo", there you have the best 360 view from Rome, I'm pretty sure that you will enjoy it if you visit this castle and finally, for me, the best place in Rome, the Piazza Navona, the most beautiful square in Rome, there you'll see sculptures, fountains and high artistic value buildings from the Baroque Period, is a very nice place to have a good time, you have some restaurants, terraces and a lot of "Street Performers".

As you can see, Rome is an interesting city, mostly because of its architecture, and not only interesting, is very beautiful!

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