Here is the weekly Kelly Ripa/Live! post. Working on my new book, requires me to stay current on the drama going on at ABC Daytime, so that means at least once a week I'm doing a post on here. For me it's actually fun and you all really like my take on things, judging by the fact that  each posts gets a ton of pageviews. This week the focus will be on the lies that are being spread by the producers of Live!

Since May 16th, a new guest cohost has filled in Michael Strahan's vacant chair. Rob Lowe, Jimmy Kimmel, and Fred Savage are just a few of the gents that have auditioned for the cohost position. Entertainment Tonight got overly excited and exclusively announced that Rob would be the one joining the show. An inside source though told Blind Gossip: "The “try outs” are fake, but it gives us something to talk about, so we’re going to do them for the whole summer." There was no doubt that all the show wanted to do was generate some buzz going into the summer. Come fall they will be bathed in huge ratings with the big announcement of who actually landed the job. 

Even more buzz was generated about the cohost search when Kelly Ripa said she wouldn't mind a female cohost. Someone from the show then took that and ran with it, hinting that Michael's replacement could be a woman. The source told BG, "This show was built on male/female host interaction and balance, so the permanent replacement will definitely be a man." It seems funny that people think that after 30 years of the show being hosted by a man and a woman, that producers would suddenly change to a single sex. Some shows like American Horror Story can alter their location and even change stars but Live! is not a show that could or even should alter it's DNA like that. 

There is another reason why a woman won't be cohost and her name is Kelly Ripa. During the research for my book, I have discovered that the sweet, sunny image that she has cultivated is not who she is behind the scenes. There's one instance that I'm hoping can be proved that will blow the lid off of everything. Anyways the source said "....would NEVER allow another woman to steal her thunder!" Pretty much in line with what I have heard, and the sad thing is it makes me like her a little more than I did before. Don't judge me! Since the show leaked that a female could get the job, they have to do something to prove it. "Then we bring in a string of temporary women to “try out” for the role. They shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, cause it ain’t gonna happen!" But whatever keeps those ratings up and the cash flowing into Disney's coffers at the end of the day. 


Published by Ed Anderson