Sometimes words are poor to describe what your eyes see. The photo above is from a small fishing village in Euboea, Greece. It is called "Agioi Apostoloi". I use to spend there sometime of my summer holidays. It is not a crowded place. In fact it is really quite. There isn't anything to do apart from swimming and eating! That's why I love this place. We all need to relax for some time. A period when you don't HAVE to do anything. No concerns, no deadlines, no traffic, no worries at all. I think we owe to ourselves a chance to get closer with nature. 

    Just like the campers in the photo. Usually in this beach, "Kakolimano", there are a lot of campers. But that night, the young couple were all alone. The only other person in the beach was me trying to shoot that photograph. So, what a beautiful scenery. Two people alone on a Greek beach listening to the gentle wavy sea, under the one billion stars' light.

Published by Vasileios Avramidis