I just finished this sweet little story. It's a wonderful read for any bibliophile. It's an exchange of letters between a freelance writer in NYC and a used book dealer in London.  It documents a friendship forged by letters and cemented by a love of books. 

And it got me thinking....

The art of letter writing is dying.  In fact, it's truly almost dead. (le sigh)

In this age of technology everything is fast paced and hectic. We want instant gratification. We want responses, and darn it, we want them now!  Don't answer someone's text pronto and they have a conniption fit.  Yikes!

We have mastered the art of short, clipped, straight to the point emails.  Heck, we even have a new language. Talking in anagrams. I will admit, I've had to look up what some abbreviations mean so I can determine what is being said.  I didn't know what smh meant - but my 11 year old did.  It's 'shaking my head' for those old schoolers like myself. 

I love 'snail mail'.  I send out cards or postcards to friends every so often.  I love to send them anonymously.  Brighten someone's day without taking credit. 

But even my cards aren't true letter writing. My grandparents courted through letters. They kept in touch with out of state family through the written word. I can remember when my grandma upgraded to a typewriter. But she still wrote (typed) letters. 

There is something beautiful about the written word. Seeing someone's lovely handwriting, or even my own chicken scratches. It's more personal. It's more touching. It's more permanent.  Someone took a few moments of their time to jot down their thoughts and feeling to share.  They took a moment to breathe and think of someone else. 

Letter writing is an exchange. It's symbiotic. And it's a dying art I'm ready to revive. 

Who wants to be pen pals?

Published by Jenn Duncan a_tad_bit_bookish