The Love Session


Laying in bed her phone chirped. It was him texting her. "I'm outside"

She went downstairs trying not to show her excitement to open the door. He comes in they embrace and he asks "wats gud" she says "nothing" as she walks always to go sit down on the couch..

He follows and sits down beside her handing her a suicide daiquiri "thank you" she replies. They talk for a while he begins to poke her, kiss her neck, rub her thighs, play with her fingers, he just had to touch her it seems.

She giggles and says "stop you play to much" after watching a few episodes of George Lopez she goes upstairs him right behind her pushing on her, grabbing at her ass, as she giggles and he laughs.

They reach the bedroom, he lays across the bed which sits on the floor, she gathers clothes for a shower he asks "can I smoke" she replies with "yes" she goes shower...

Emerging from the bathroom wearing just a towel wet hair all over her head, he was in awe of her natural beauty for he had never seen her "real" hair.

She dropped the towel and crawled in bed and slid under the sheet. He of course puts out his smoke turned off the television and put on Pandora a Keith Sweat station and Make Love by Tyrese was playing.

He slid down to the floor on his knees pulled the covers back and ran his hands up and down her legs caressing her so gently, then he grabs her thighs and pulls her body closer to him. He parted her legs and kissed her from her calf up to her thighs until he reached his favorite spot.

He stopped and took a deep breathe and exhaled and whispered "I've missed you." As he looked up into her eyes looking down at him he parted her lips with his tongue and made love to her pussy with his tongue. As she laid there in a lost space in time.

She twist and turned, wind and moaned, until he came up and placed a wet passionate kiss on her lips, she licked her juices off of his face and clawed her nails into his back as he slid his manhood inside of her....

Her back arched, eyes rolled, and she gasps for air. His body flat on top of hers their moves were like music, they moved like a ocean wave perfectly in tuned with each others rhythm.

He turned her own her side, her stomach, his back as she sat above his face. She felt weak so he laid her down and got on top and guided his manhood back inside of her and as he penetrated her they shared a passionate kiss with every stroke their passion grew the more they kissed the harder he stroked, the harder he stroked the more passion filled their bodies...

He raised her legs onto his shoulders and laid back down and begin to kiss he wasn't her man but the passion that they shared was out of this world. The more he kissed her the wetter she became, the wetter she became the harder he grew until she squirted, and creamed all over him and her satin sheets the minute she exploded so did he, they cam together which was such a turn on to him he begin to ravish her body and lips with kisses of passion.

She could never understand how they could share such strong passion and connection with each other and they were not nor had ever been in a relationship with each other. They both just enjoyed the best sex of each others lives with each other. He kissed ever inch of her and the love session started all over again.

When they stopped the sun was peeking threw the window they were laying in bed snuggling. He kissed her ear and whispered he had to go, she put on her robe and walked him downstairs, he hugged her to his body tightly kissed her on her forehead and responded "I'll call you later" she replied "okay" he walked out the door to his truck, turned around came back and kissed her lips ever so passionately and walked away....

She closed and locked the door, went back upstairs and returned to bed curled up in the spot that smelled like him got under the covers that and fell asleep...

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