Delhi is where all of India comes together. After all, it is the capital. Heritage, different cultures and traditions, and food are pieces of the historical puzzle called Delhi. Bring out the eating apron and loosen your belt because your gastronomical senses are in for the ride of their life. Street food in Chandni Chowk, dine-ins (well… everywhere), luxury restaurants in CP that offer specific or varying cuisines – Delhi has it all and more – it captures the tastes of the alien cuisines almost perfectly. Check out the following restaurants that offer some of the best dishes for lunch in town:

Dum Pukht

Sublime and grand are the only adjectives that can define the sumptuous Awadhi cuisine at Dum Pukht. The restaurant represents glamour of the old-world. It pays tribute to the bygone era with grand chandeliers and décor second only to the food of two-century-old royals. Dum Pukht is the art of steaming food in its own juice. Assorted bread cooked in a tandoor along with ‘Dumpukht Badin Jaan’, ‘Shahi Nehari’ and ‘Motia Pulao Rehmani’ are nothing short of the tastiest lunch dishes around the globe. A popular amongst celebrities, it hits the peaks of taste with desserts topped with gossamers of silver and gold.


The finest delicacies of the Oriental cuisine are eternally available on the menu of Woks at The LaLiT New Delhi. The Chinese restaurant in CP is visited by the cuisine lovers for its rooftop setting. The décor is rather pleasing with its mini-waterfalls and a wooden bridge over a pond. Moreover, Woks’ dishes are particularly appealing to the vegetarians. What differentiates it from the other restaurants is that it caters to customers with more humble budgets as well with its ‘square meal box’ for lunch with a glass of wine at 699/- and 799/- for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, respectively. 


The restaurant named after the year has special significance – Delhi was made the capital of India in 1911 by King George V. Logically, the restaurant is set in ostentatious taste reflected by the furnishings and décor. The menu presents international cuisines on platters with a ‘melting pot’ culture so appropriate to the city. The significance of the era is preserved in the Indian-style of serving the dishes and the essence of the historical year in the antiquities such as tints, lithographs, photographs, etching of ink, etc.



Italian food is much more than the dine-in pizza on a game night with friends and nothing says that as strongly as Travertino. The creative restaurant offers to seat just 58 guests at a time making the experience quite special. The menu reaches beyond the customary Italian dishes and offers home-made pasta with a range of fresh cheese imported directly from regions of Italy. Additionally, most of the ingredients are sourced directly from the country to ensure authentic flavour. The name of the restaurant is taken from a honey-coloured stone typical to Italy mostly used by the Romans. While you muse yourself over the wine collection, the inherent transparency of the stone walls creates an illumination beyond explanation.


The location and the setting of the restaurant give testament to its name. Imagine scores of flickering candles and the sound of water in the Garden of Five Senses. The restaurant has received great reviews for its food from magazines likes Time Out and Elle. While it comes alive in the evening, the open-air seating makes it the quintessential location for brunch or lunch in the winter and springtime with Delhi’s balmy sun. Once at Magique, don’t forget to try the amazing cocktails, wines and the Asian and European cuisines.

Published by Sumity Paul