Every day is a new day, a new beginning, and it can be a scary thought to know that you must start all over.  But it is also refreshing.  Take the Supermoon this morning…it is something brand new, and it has everyone excited.  It is beautiful, but in reality it is still the MOON.  Just shining a little more brightly to make sure that we do not take it for granted.  In much the same way, it is so easy to fall into patterns and habits that allow us to just go from day to day.  I wish I was that way, but there is something within me that is never quite satisfied..there is always something more I can do, and I am continuing to do that…marching down new roads with new ideas that can be of help to people in different ways.  Yes, it is magical, but with every good act of magic, there is a little bit of the scary in it.  That is what makes it special!

Published by Janice Marie