As kids, we are full of enthusiasm and playfulness. We enjoy everything so much, that we have no time to think about the future or the past. There is only the present moment where is everything we need.

But as we grow and become 'wiser', we lose the ability to think, laugh and even talk in the present. We are so full of the future thoughts that we forget to enjoy the magic of the present. And maybe this is why we sometimes feel depressed and inferior. Let me say that, there is nothing wrong with making plans and talking about future once a time. I just say we should talk more about the present  than the future or the past.

And this is what we should learn from animals and babies (kids). They are fully in the present. They don't think about what they will do next hour, next day or even next month. They just play, laugh and enjoy the magic of the present moment. This is the truth.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. - Laou Tzu

When I read 'You are a Badass', there was a chapter about being in the present (actually the chapter calls 'Present as a Pigeon') and how everything that we need is right here, right now, but we aren't aware of it yet. We just need to believe it is already here and it will show us.

And if you're still in the past thinking about 'What if...'  or in the future flying around 'What will happen...', there are few tips how to stay in the present and appreciate the moment where you're:

1| Try doing yoga or meditate

Yeah, I know, this is the hard one. But this is a good way to just BE. There are no rules how you should meditate or do yoga. Just grab some mat or lay on the bed and close your eyes and think about how do you feel NOW or what are your thoughts NOW. Collect all these thoughts and put them in the small box (or everywhere you want) and lock them. Now, just inhale and exhale.

2| Do what you love to do

Do you love reading? Then take a book and read. Do you love dancing? Turn the music on and dance. Or do you like drinking tea? Prepare yourself the best tea and BE now. Because everything you love, you do for NOW. You enjoy the present moment of this super cool activity so much, that you don't care about the time, other people or if you are hungry. So, do what you love.

Wherever you are be all there. - Jim Elliot

3| Keep a diary (or notebook)

It's up to you. Just find some cool diary and write about how do you feel, what are you doing now or just your thoughts that keep in your mind in that moment. You'll be more aware of the power of the moment. You can do this when you go to the bed or when you wake up or when you are on a trip or where you are on the toilet. Anytime you feel you need to keep this moment alive.

The present is amazing. You're amazing!

Do you struggle with being in the present? What is your key to enjoying the moment? Feel free to share them with us in comments!

Published by Lucie Kopecká