Every woman faces the exact same problem, owning a cosmetic bag that overflows with makeup products! The only problem here is, not every woman has a clue on what makeup essentials to carry around in her all makeup kit. It’s high time that you discard those blunt eyeliners, and restock your kit with the best makeup products that are new and easy to use.

There are several beauty products available on the market, so knowing exactly what you need versus the nice-to-haves can be an overwhelming prospect. Whether you wish to save some time before you head to work in the morning or wish to save some extra cash, as long as you have these essentials in your kit, you are good to go!

Primer and Moisturizer

The perfect makeup look all begins with the best skincare. Before you move on to applying other makeup products on your face, prepare your skin with primer and moisturizer. This duo works wonders to give your skin a flawless base and keeps the makeup in place throughout the day. Make sure you have this in your makeup kit from any good brand.

Tip: A beauty tip for you is to go for My Glamm Perfect Match tinted perfection with a beauty blender. It’s a multi-action primer that helps to even out the skin texture, targets visible pores, and controls excess oil, ideal to create a smooth canvas for the application of makeup. My Glamm is a one-stop destination for the best quality cosmetic products in India online. Whether you are searching for the best makeup kit, a lipstick, eyeliner, or any other makeup product, you are sure to find it at the best prices.

Foundation and Concealer

A concealer is the best way to get rid of dark circles and spots on your face. You should use a creamy formula to cover blemishes. In addition, keep a good foundation to even out your skin tone. If you need more coverage, you can go for thicker layers, but for less coverage, consider having a tinted moisturizer as an alternative.

A Face Powder

To set the foundation and concealer, you also need to have a quick face powder. In your makeup kit, you should add a quick, light powder to dust on your face. This should help to set the makeup and control shine.

Natural Eyeshadow

To create a natural look, you can have an eye makeup kit that features nude colors. If you like to go bold, you can also find some cool options like the All Eye Need eye makeup kit available at My Glamm. Eye makeup kits are great options for those women who are always on the go and need a last minute retouch. In your all makeup kit, you should add an eyeshadow kit that has a highlighter, eyeshadow and 3 in 1 primer.

Eyeliner, Mascara, and Lipstick

What’s a beauty bag without these essentials! To complete your everyday look, you also need to invest in a good quality eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Go for vibrant colors in lipsticks, and make sure the eyeliner brush and mascara brush are not blunt.

Along with these, you can add other essentials like makeup remover, cotton, or other smaller items that you may need. However, keep in mind that when you pack your all makeup kit, the general rule is to keep it simple!

Published by Joel Borthwick