You have been called by God to ministry but you feel like you are just treading water. The time constraints on your personal life, the ministry's  problems and never-ending questions to which you have no answers. You feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Can you relate?  Perhaps you, like Joshua, need to learn the ropes of servanthood before God is ready to use you as a leader of others.

Have you acquired patience, wisdom, the power of prayer, the ability to listen to the voice of God and leadership skills?

You know that Just as God trained Joshua for over 40 years to step into the shoes of the man Moses so He is training you. Joshua never became a bricklayer all at once but one brick at a time. Sometimes he had straw to work with and other times he had to find his own. Joshua learned it one brick at a time and you have to do the same. Joshua never learned to be a leader all at once but was tested sitting alone in the tent of meeting while Moses went off doing the glory work.

Consider these bits of trivia about Joshua. He served Moses faithfully for over 40 years without complaint or grumbling.

How about you?  

Because of that, he would be given the privilege of leading God’s people from a wilderness wandering to God's promised land.  One of the gifts God gave Joshua was to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Num 27:18) and filled with the spirit of wisdom. (Deut 34:9). Do you have those gifts too? You do if you are born again into a new relationship with God.

Joshua was a man who followed the Lord faithfully. (Num 32:12) His life is a picture of singleness of purpose, directness, and decision.  Given a vision, he set his site as an archer sets his bow for the target and let the arrow fly. He did not ignore any of the commands the Lord had given Moses. Just as God raised up Moses to lead the people out of Egypt, God raised up Joshua and trained him for 40 + years to lead the people into the Promised Land.

Where is God training you and are you faithful like Joshua? Paul gave the Corinthians the same motto Joshua had: “Be ye steadfast, immovable, always abound in the work of the Lord."

Published by Gaye Austin