God is a problem solver, the real problem that man has is trusting in God enough to go to him with their problems. Man has trouble even identifying what the problem is they just know they have one. It's no secret that Marriages as a whole among believers and non-believers are suffering and failing at an unacceptable rate. Why are marriages failing? On tomorrow The Marriage Playbook seek the truth, the truth can only be obtained from our Omniscient God. GOD KNOWS WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!! Join us September 11, 2017 @7pm EST here on The Marriage Playbook Season 3 Game #4 " WHY MARRIAGES FAIL" Log on any mobile device www.blogtalkradio/pjcmedia Callers we would love to hear your questions or comments dial #646.668.8485 press 1 for entry. Click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/s/10264035

Published by Parker J Cole