On a Master’s Path is my saying now. If you read my first blog you’d know I’ve always felt in tune with something, a connection to a source to which I had no real knowledge of. Today I write this blog because I’ve felt lost and lonely. For the last week I’ve had a rough time, and for a warrior / master it is normal to go through. So, with this blog I tell you do not fear the pain and loneliness you feel, for it means you are on a path that not many can handle at this point. When I started studying with the Church of Jedi I studied about this one ancient saying that went like this “in the depths of loneliness you find all that you need.” I have to realize, and so do you if you have been on this lonely path that you are extraordinary , that you are going to become a master if you can master yourself even more.  If you feel like you don’t know how to progress in you life you must do a few things.

*Try new things

*Personal Development (reading/studying)

*Get Fit

*Practice meditation and mantra

*Self talk

These things have helped me greatly. They are really the only ways to get out of any slump you find yourself in.

A lot of my followers on FB and on my IG @lo_Cal_710 know I do a lot of things daily , from yoga, workouts, reading, adventures to the beach, daily outings, fishing, seeing bands. You have to find ways to fill your lonely soul by being adventurous.

Now you feel like you are missing love, and you are, but you are missing it from yourself, and though a person can fill those holes only you can truly seal them.

~One love~

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710