Who is the person that can be say that they or that he has a melancholy personality? To some, it is the person that is the one who is always moody, the one that always has nothing to say when spoken to, the one that is the snobbish asshole at home. But all these are so wrong, and the ones who say these things are the ones that know nothing about the real person who is a melancholy. I am one, and the things about me and the persons who are like me are the things that are peculiar to us and the things we can do with ourselves and the gifts that we are gifted with and the  things we can do are to be deemed to be special.

            I know that the melancholy person is the one that has all the answers to all the possible questions that can ever crop up in a discussion but who will never proffer any answer in this world unless asked for his opinion, and I have that down to an act. To some, this is the height of selfishness and they all believe it like that the way they see it. They believe that we just are too selfish or maybe too self-absorbed to say nothing but they do not really understand the fact that this is all the part of the things  that make us all  different from the other and there is nothing to be done about this.

            During the time I was growing up, I remember vividly that my mother and sometimes my siblings always had to say to me that I was the dumb one in the family, and there was nothing to be done about this, and then I thought that there was something that was inherently wrong with me. So I wondered…

            With regards to the fact that the melancholy personality is deemed to be the one personality which is as close to perfection as possible, that is the truth. We the ones with the melancholy personality are those that worry over even the most mundane of details and there is nothing in the whole world that can be done about it. This quest for the perfection of things set us apart from the others that we meet in the interactions that we have with the world around us. However, this can also be a very great disadvantage that makes us the ones that will set the most unrealistic standards for the ones around us and they will have to meet up with the hi gh standards or be thrown to the side while we move on to the next person.

            As regards to the fact that the melancholy is the most gifted of the personalities, this is true. I am extremely gifted in the arts, and this gift shines forward in my literary forays into the world of fiction and of  the head. The reason for this is because of the fact that the melancholic will always live in the world of the mind and there is no way to draw him or her out of that mental palace that he inhabits. Thus this makes for the very best of the things that the melancholic can do with that richness of his mind.

            However, the melancholic is the most vindictive of all the personalities and this shows in the way he’ll be very prone to seek the worst revenge he can think of when he’s been wronged by someone. This is the very baddest things that I can think I am very good at, and it is the fact that there is the need to avenge.


Published by Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani