This hike is categorised as an expert level hike on! Which I am not surprised at considering it was 22km long, with a 900-metre ascent, yes 900-metres! We had read online that it takes 10-12 hours to complete the hike and that you should not climb in bad conditions.


The night before we had planned to take on the mighty Trolltunga, we went up to the car park to see where the start was and just get a general feel (as we were both a bit apprehensive as people had said about how hard it was). This did not settle our nerves, I think it made them worse, it was about 8pm and we saw a lady who had just finished the hike, and she honestly did not look well at all! We both gave each other a worried look and hurried back down to Odda, not looking back.

We were staying at a campsite so we pitched our tent, and sat and ate Mackeral and Ryvita before heading straight to bed in order to get a good nights sleep before the next day.  Although due to nerves I don't know how much sleep either of us got.

That was it, today was the day that we were going to tackle Trolltunga! We had seen on the sign the previous night that we needed these minimum requirements; flashlight, hat, change of clothes, jumper, gloves, hiking boots, waterproof equipment and plenty of food and water. So there we were at the starting point, backpack loaded, sandwiches made, and layers on!


The first km was the hardest, it was basically steps made from the rocks and at times flat rock with chains to help you pull yourself up. Already by this point, layers were coming off, and poor Cole was carrying the backpack, and he said he thought he was going to throw up!

Once you have passed the first km it is not as bad, there are still climbs but you have to just keep pushing through. Whilst hiking, it does feel like the hike is never ending, and the weather is constantly changing, one point you are wearing waterproofs and about 1000 layers due to the cold, and the next your sweating and only in a top! However, although the hike may be long, there is bucket loads of incredible scenery, I don't think I've ever seen water so blue, it was just truly magnificent.


Once at the point, the view is even more incredible! The tongue hovers out 700-metres above lake Ringedalsvatent, and you can go stand and have a picture on the tongue. This was the busiest view point we had been on as of yet, and we had to queue in order to stand on the tongue. We found a couple who were willing to take a picture of us if we did the same for them, so before we knew it we were standing on the tongue! It was such a beautiful view and I couldn't have asked for a better person to be standing with me on the tongue and in fact standing with me on all the incredible hikes we had done!

We ate all our sandwiches and gained back some energy while waiting to take the picture for the other couple. But due to standing still so long, the cold crept into our layers and we were starting to become very cold (I am sure it was snowing too), so as soon as we had returned the camera we headed back to the car park, which was only 11km away...


We didn't stop on the way down so it felt like the hike went really quickly. But me being me, was getting a bit too confident leading her way down and then I stood in what felt like a knee-deep mud puddle and was completely covered! Now my only dry pair of socks were wet! I was doing so well with not getting too muddy, unlike on the previous hikes were I had mud all up my legs. So I would recommend good waterproof shoes to wear on this hike.


8 hours and 20 minutes later, we were on the final steps down! We had done it, we had hiked Trolltunga! And hiked it in less than the recommended time (professional hikers or what). We both had big smiles on our faces and celebrated with a hug and a hot chocolate from the shop!


At the car park they had toilets, and a place to clean your shoes, so once we had done that we were back in the car and heading back to the campsite. I'm surprised my legs weren't jelly trying to drive back.

That night we paid for a shower as we wanted to wash and warm up, and headed out for dinner. We felt we needed something a little bit more than Mackeral and Ryvita, so we ended up have a 40cm pizza each!! Luckily this provided us with dinner and then lunch the next day.

This hike was amazing, and worth the 22km distance. But I would say keep in mind how much stuff you are carrying as even with our little stuff it made it a lot more difficult, especially up the steep first 1km. We saw people carrying all their camping stuff, and they looked like they were struggling!


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