I hate it when people assume or imply that a women cannot or are unable to do the same thing as men. I hate that gender pay difference is a real thing. I hate that women are deemed as second best. I hate that this is still a phallocentric world.

My research and interest in Misogyny comes from my dissertation. My dissertation title was 'Moral Didacticism and The Evolution of the Female Heroine in 19th Century Fairy Tales to Present Day Disney.' I had to read a lot of feminist theories, feminist arguments, feminist articles as this was the foundation of my dissertation. My research has only made me aware of the gender divide that still exists today and it has sparked a debate within my self and the people around me. It’s stopped me from being so uninformed to big issues within gender and feminism and made me ask questions. I studied fairy tales from the 19th century, and some of the anti-feminist arguments in those tales are still applicable in today’s society, which is crazy because you’d think people’s attitude towards women would’ve changed.

In Fairy Tales, women are put into the role of the domestic goddess whether they choose to be or not. That is their destiny. I personally think that in today’s world, choosing to be a housewife is not really an option anymore. With the economy poor and house prices and general necessities on the rise quicker than salaries, it’s hard to be oblivious to the struggles we face today and just expect someone else to look after you. As a result, the number of girls choosing to go to university is on the increase because they know they need to be educated well and have a career of their own. However, my friend at university was talking to this boy about future plans after graduation and how she didn’t know what she wanted to do. He didn’t either but he said to her, “If you can’t find a job, at least you have a back up plan. You can just become a housewife.” I just don’t understand how people in today’s 21st century still have this backwards mentality towards women. If she has the option of being a housewife, why doesn’t he have the choice of being a househusband? Why is it okay for a women to be unemployed as a housewife, but when roles reverse, it’s a definite no for men?

When it comes to sports, people think that men and women should be divided and never play against each other. I mean, I understand that physically, men are a lot bigger than women and playing a sport like rugby in mixed teams would be difficult and dangerous. But shouldn't we get to try? As a young child, I was a very good 100m sprinter. FYI, my quickest time was just over 12 seconds and I never really trained for it. Of course, being a teenager and when Sports Day came around, the girls at my school would dread the day and never really try in their races. I am incredibly competitive so I like a challenge. So when I asked if I could compete with the boys, because they would actually compete properly and I knew I was pretty good anyway, I wasn't allowed. They said it was unfair. But I don't understand how it was unfair when my time for the 100m run was quicker than all of them. I knew what I was getting myself into and if I lost, then I lost. At break time or lunch time, when the boys challenged me, I always accepted. And when they lost and I won, they claimed 'they let me win.' Why can't girls be better at sports than boys? Just because you lose to a girl, it doesn't mean you're weak, it just means she's better. When you lose against your boys, is it that much of a fuss?

Misogyny plays a role in out everyday lives. Now, as it is summer here in the UK, of course people are wear less and less clothes. It's so strange to me how people can comment on a girl's shorts because they're short but a man can walk around topless without comment. The other day, I was walking to the train station when two lads kept shouting at me to 'wiggle my bum for them' (in the most politest way I can rephrase it) and then a man in a van started beeping his horn at me. I don't understand why there is a need to do that. I don't understand why we, as women, have to 'be careful' about what we have to wear so that we don't get heckle at in the street. Even if I think a guy is hot, I don't go and shout at him in the middle of the street. 

My vision for the future is that I hope that this conversation for gender equality, for equal opportunities and equal pay become a thing of the past. A place where the thought of women being comparable to a man is no longer a shocking opinion. Where we no longer need to called ourselves feminist because the views of feminists become the norm. Entering the working world, I want to enter a work place where I am seen as an equal to my male peers. Where the salary I earn reflects on my ability to do my job, not my gender. Where I can get any job I want and am not disregarded simply because I am a woman. I want to live in a world where I have just as much freedom as a man - where I can wear what I want without judgement or harassment or where I can do things without it being labelled 'manly'. 

I wanted to write this post to inspire people that women are capable beings. The argument and the push for gender equality is relevant every single day. Appreciate all the women around you and help society to move a step closer in improving the world, not just women, but for everyone.

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Published by Jessica Lam