As Aristotle said “The more you know ,the more you know you don’t know”, things in our life and world is just like it. I had seen many people giving conclusion with great firmness and belief who do not possess deep knowledge while a scholar hesitates about that. persons with inadequate knowledge are much more confident than an expert. As long as you uncover the layers of learning about anything then you come to know that things are so complex and what we know till date is just a drop in ocean. One way it enhances your knowledge but hamper your confidence about to determine the absolute knowledge. It also increases your quest for gaining more knowledge. There are many philosophies, theories, ideologies which try to explain how and why the things are going on but ultimately they all end up which some absolute conclusions, making some boundary by itself and fail to explain beyond a certain limit. Like if old ‘rule of God ‘type hypothesis explains the making and happening of everything the due to wish of God then it is challenged by science but science itself do not provide explanation to all things, although it claims to be like any other. If we try to understand everything under the light of science how long will it take to know we are not sure? Billions of years have been passed and we can’t even measure what count we know about the universe. Basically science is the study of nature and nature has a lot of development before we know what is the science behind it .Today scientific explorations are on high amplitude but still we are not sure about a small fraction of knowledge about Earth interior, Biological development on planet, matter present and their properties and there are uncountable solar system in Universe. Yes ! you can explain it by ‘big bang’ or any other ‘god particle’ concepts but from where it comes first still inexplicable. There are many more questions like : yes! It’s understood that development of life take place through’ evolution’ but from where the life came first? The same hold true for our knowledge about our own human mind, which is still a mystery. Now a days it is prevalent on talking about ‘climate change ‘ according to our scientific explanations climate is changing due to our given reasons and we are trying to hold it ,is not it contradiction of your own scientific theories of change and evolution? ,we are here in present state just because of it .that’s why there exist two school of thoughts in which one says that “nature work as itself and we can’t cure it by science ” and others say “don’t worry ! Science will take care of everything” perhaps both are true or we can say none. Observing and explaining the word by a single theory or approach is just like Jainism’s story of ‘Blind men and an elephant’ it is a story of a group of blind men (or men in the dark) who touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each one feels a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes and learn that they are in complete disagreement. Similarly each theory, ideologies which claim to know the truth, gives reasons and explanations actually do not know about everything’s except some situational factors and events. ‘Nothing is absolute and will not be’ including this sentence also. As we dive deeper into the ocean of knowledge about anything we come to know than it is not even a drop and it can only be understand by someone who dive deeper. the shallow water swimmer will always treat their knowledge as complete and absolute.

Published by Arvind Kumar