The mortal instruments will forever be one of my favourite books. Cassie did a good job with it, and because I loved it so much, I’m going to do a TMI tag for it that nobody tagged me in.

Warning: This may contain spoilers for Cassandra Clare’s books and an excessive amount of fangirling.

What can I say? I’m crazy over this stuff.


Who is your favourite character? (from any of the books)

If I had to narrow it down, it would be Will. I love William Herondale, even with the curse that was bound to his bones and the arrogance and sarcasm that seem to be etched onto his persona. In fact, I love him for those sole reasons, not including the way in which loves books almost as much as I do. His way with words are amazing, and those poems bring me so much laughter, especially the Demon Pox one. (He told you so) Will connects to me in a way that it makes it hard for him not to be my favourite character, you know?

Who is your OTP?

My OTP in the TMI series would be Malec. I mean, how can you not love Malec. The passion and love and understanding they bring each other is just the right amount to overcome the pain and torment and heartbreak that they have faced with each other. raw

Who is the sexiest shadowhunter in the series?

Hmm… The sexiest shadowhunter would be Alec. Yeah, I’d have to go for Alec. I mean, have you seen the way he was written? (Also, have you seen Alec from both the movie and the tv series?)

If you could have any shadowhunter last name, what would it be?

I pick Herondale. I’ve always loved that bloodline and would be proud to be part of it.

Who is your favourite actor in the TV show?

It would have to be Mathew Daddario. His acting of Alec is just so well, and, I mean… Look at him.


He’s so cute!

Favourite actress in the TV show?

Emeraude Toubia would have to be it. She plays Isabelle really good!

Would you rather hear Jace play the piano, play video games with Simon, Jem play violin, or read a book with Will?

Oh, this one… If I could, I would pick all of it, but I have to go with reading a book with Will, because, let’s face it – which book lover could resist that? William and his love for books is a dream for me, cause I can’t really find guys who read books nowadays. Being with Will would be the best. Being with one of my favourite characters, doing an activity that I love so much… That would be amazing.

If you could have one rune from the book, what would it be?

I would have the Wedded Union rune. This is because i just find the idea that the marriage of shadowhunters drawing that rune on their lovers as a sign of love is just so cute.


What downworlder would you most likely be?

As much as I love all the other downworlders, especially Warlocks, I have to go with Faeries. I just feel like I fit in with them; misunderstood by the rest of the shadowhunter world, presumed as half-good, half-bad, mischievous, the different ones, and, as the shadowhunter codex explains, known for their cunning and their cruel sense of humour, and they follow their own code of behaviour.

Yeah, it’s just like me.


As much as I love TMI, I have to go with TID.

I mean, have you read those books? They tore my soul out of my chest.

I loved every second of it.

Who is the most hated character for you in the series?

Valentine. Most definitely, it was Valentine. Without him, all of the bad stuff would never have happened. I hate how he corrupted Jace and etched those ugly, ugly words into his brain. ‘To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed’. That line killed me. Without Valentine, Jonathan would have had those green eyes that we all sobbed over and thus, we would have had Max and his cute misunderstood self. I will never be okay with Max Lightwoods death. Never. Valentine was the root of all the problems, and I hate him for it.


If you could spend a day with any character, who would it be?

Alec. It would be Alec. Although he’s so adorable with his awkwardness, I love him so much. I am an awkward mess too, so I’m pretty sure we’ll get along great, talking about what an idiot the rest of them are.

Favourite book?

From the shadowhunter series, it would be clockwork princess. That book made me cry and laugh and scream and grin so much that even though I hated every part of it, I loved every indent of it.

At the end of it, I was just like…


What did you think about COHF?

Throughout the book, all I was thinking was that it has to turn out all good in the end, or I swear Cassie… I loved COHF, with its plot and the cute blackthorn family and Emma and Jem and Tessa being introduced and Clace finally happening in the cave and Malec getting back together and I just loved every second of it. The part with Helen and Mark killed me, but I guess there has to be pain for there to be happiness. When Magnus was ready to give himself up to save the rest of them, and Alec stepped in and begged for Magnus to let him stay, to stay with him, it hurt so much. Jonathan and his green eyes and the way he finally felt light brutally murdered me and just…

Thing you are most looking forward to in the fandom?

More look into the character’s lives, especially Will and Tessa in The Last Hours, Tessa and Jem in The Dark Artifices, Mark blackthorn and the family, Malec and their children and Clace and Sizzy, and, of course, James Herondale. I need to look into James Herondale especially after that chapter in The Shadowhunter Academy. I need to see more of it!


Worst Cliffhanger? 

I read TMI and TID in less than two weeks for the first time, so I didn’t really have much cliffhangers I had to wait an entire year for.

But, in the chapter that showcased James Herondale in the Bane Chronicles, it left me with a huge cliffhanger. Why is James like this now? What happened to the shy boy in The Shadowhunter Academy? Who is Grace? What happened between James and her? What is Tatiana Blackthorn planning?

Favourite scene… ever?

Okay, I can’t pick a favourite scene, but I have two choices.

  1. I will just have to show you.
    ‘Sophie could not think of a word to say. She did not know what anyone could say in the face of love like this – so much forbearance, so much endurance, so much hope. There had been many times in these past months when she’d regretted that she’d ever had a bad thought about Will Herondale, when she saw how he had stood back and allowed Tessa and Jem to be happy together, and she knew the agony that had come to Tessa along with the happiness, in the knowledge that she was hurting Will. Sophie alone, she thought, knew that Tessa called out for Will sometimes when she slept; she alone knew that the scar on Tessa’s palm was not from an accidental encounter with a fireplace poker but a deliberate wound, inflicted on herself that she might, somehow, physically match the emotional pain she’d felt in denying Will. Sophie had held Tessa while she’d wept and torn the flowers out of her hair that were the colour of Will’s eyes, and Sophie had covered up with powder the evidence of tears and sleepless nights.’
  2. Will’s death scene in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

Jem or Will?

I’m sorry Jem, but I pick Will. I just have more of an emotional connection to him. He’s so broken, and I just-

Come on…

If you can play one character in the TMI show, who would it be?

I want to pick Tessa but she’s only in it briefly, but if I had to pick one of the main girl characters (because I am a girl), it would have to be Clary. She’s just so adorable, I love her.


I hope you liked my Tag, even though I know I blabbered a lot. 

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Love you all!

If you haven’t already read the shadowhunter books…


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