Some words are not meant to have a profound impact on one's life, except words that will really give you the chills. Some women would go for "I love you's" and "I miss you's" or any poetic words of love. Words are important as well as actions because they either make or break a relationship.


I have been sharing a genuine love with someone for three years (now turning four). He has done a lot of efforts to prove his love. Countless time and attention were his allies. Even in difficult times he would still make ways just to make me feel loved. During his bad days and sad moments, he never made me feel ignored. We had our fights, damn serious fights. We had our ups and downs. Some arguments fell into almost-good-byes. Most issues were left unsettled. I do not have the qualities of an ideal girlfriend but I do not know why he loved me or why he continues to love me. He might have picked the wrong woman and I think he doesn't deserve me at all; but he still manages to keep me. Despite all of these, he always reminds me of the most beautiful words a man can say to a woman: "You changed my life."


I do not exactly know which part of his life I have changed or how did I actually changed it. No matter how much words this world has, I will always, always, choose to hear those words again. Feeling needed and loved are the best feelings, but hearing someone say you've changed their life? Those were melodies to my ears.


Isn't it more intimate and wonderful if two people share genuine love through simple gestures and words? Love is something that should be cherished by a couple without anyone's judgement. Words are more powerful if there's action and as long as they are true. No social media accounts or amount of publicity can ever define the authenticity of a relationship. One's love can be simple, but it can always be deep.

Published by Chiara Marie