What's the most beautiful thing?

I found myself questioning this on the drive back home, watching the half moon hanging in the sky. Personally, I think a sky full of stars is the most beautiful thing I have seen so far. This year in March 2-4 I was on a camping trip with my class, and the place we were at was so open and the white lights of the stars were dotted carefully all across the inky blue-black sky, and it looked spectacular. It took my breath away, quite literally, since there was still a winter air. 

And just today I saw a beautiful sunset while taking a walk. The sun was half hidden behind a cloud and it throwed so many colours at the sky it looked like an ongoing rainbow. Add the shadows of trees and it looked so amazing, and it was one of those times that made me wish i had a camera. 

So, what do you think is the most beautiful thing? 


Published by Crystal Lunar