If you have always lived in only one type of accommodation (e.g. family home), then you probably have no idea that different living spaces require different cleaning and maintenance, too. Whether you are planning to move from a house to an apartment, or just want to upgrade your cleaning routine, here are some tips on how to tidy up every living space, from a house to shared space.

Cleaning the apartment

Most commonly, apartments are often small spaces where you have to struggle for every square inch. That’s why the first rule of cleaning an apartment is to free up the space. By getting rid of the clutter, you will have more open space and fewer things to dust. This will definitely make tidying up easier. You just need five minutes a day for simpler chores like tossing the mail and throwing away the trash. Cleaning eraser is a handy tool that can help you finish up with your cleaning even faster. However, you will need extensive cleaning days too – one cleaning day a week, and one deep cleaning day a month. Finally, choosing good cleaning solutions is also crucial.

Cleaning up the family house

Family houses pose a lot of challenges in front of you when it comes to cleaning because all the family members make their own mess, and you end up with unfolded laundry stacked up on your bed and unwashed dishes. To streamline the cleaning process, always go for the big stuff first to make the space look less chaotic. Have one room where you’ll be able to store things if it gets a tad too messy, in case you can’t find enough time for keeping everything tidy. Assigning cleaning tasks to your kids will not only make it easier for you to do all the house chores, but it will also teach them responsibility. You can even make it a competition, which is bound to make them want to participate. For busy mums and active families who live in large cities, there are professionals who perform house cleaning in Sydney and other heavily urbanized places. Professionals like these can make it a lot easier to maintain a high level of hygiene in your family home while working full hours and making sure you spend quality time with your loved ones.

Living with a roommate

If you are living with other people, all of you will have to compromise to make it work, especially when it comes to house chores and maintenance. In order to live together without going crazy, you should set some ground rules as soon as you move in. Still, you need to have realistic expectations – shared spaces (e.g. living room and the bathroom) are everything you can hope for to be always clean. Your roommate’s bedroom is not your problem. Divide the chores and do your share of work. Try to be open with your roommate about your concerns, but don’t be judgmental, and everything will be fine.

Keeping the shared space clean

If you think that cleaning the place where you live with your roommates is difficult, imagine just how complicated it is to maintain the cleanliness of a shared space. These buildings where individual occupants own residential units independently, but all the residents participate in the ownership of the entire building. Cleaning your own place in such a building is just like cleaning the apartment, but what happens with shared areas like the hallway, steps or the elevator? For the areas that are used by all the residents, it is best to hire professionals who will clean and disinfect them on a regular basis.

General cleaning hacks

Some cleaning hacks remain the same, regardless of the type of the accommodation you live in.

  • Prevent the development of dust mites by getting rid of the items where they thrive the most (carpets and upholstery) or by paying special care to their maintenance.
  • Keep it eco-friendly by using toxin-free products, homemade cleaning supplies, and steam cleaner instead of a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Use dryer sheets to wipe mirrors, kitchen fixtures and baseboards.
  • Use vegetable oil on a paper towel to clean oil stains in the kitchen.
  • Remove hard water stains from the kitchen and the bathroom with white vinegar.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean most of the things in your house.

Cleaning can be easy if you adapt your cleaning habits to the requirements of the space you are living in. These tips will help you achieve exactly that. 

Published by Emma Lawson