Though it can often feel like celebrities are a species of their own, knowing that you share certain commonalities with them can bring them down to earth. Sharing the same birthday with an artist, for instance, can provide that common connection.

With this in mind, PrettyFamous, an entertainment site by Graphiq, found the most famous musician born every year from 1907 to 2000. To determine the most famous musician of each year, PrettyFamous ranked each artist by his or her “Musician Score,” a score from 1-100 which accounts for the following:

  • The artist’s Wikipedia page views over the last 30 days
  • The Wikipedia page views of the band that the musician was/is in over the last 30 days (where applicable)
  • The Wikipedia page views of the artist’s releases (both solo and in a group)
  • The musician’s number of Spotify followers

Find out which artist shares your birth year and the other most influential musicians born in the past century.

Note: Because recent Wikipedia page views are taken into consideration, the results tend to favor artists who are popular now, or whose music has stood the test of time. Also, a few of these musicians have had stints acting, but they all are better known for their musical talents.


Published by General Olomu