Having a watch isn't just for telling time. If there's anything today's society has showed us today, is that men's watches are very much capable of telling statements, making impression, and elevating a man's fashion sense. Wearing a men's watch can greatly add depth to your style and help make you the life of any party. However, if you've ever wondered just where to start your watch collection, what better way than to show you the most luxurious men's watches in the world?

Watches And Impressions: Do They Count?

Watches are hardly noticeable on a person, unless you make it something that's eye-catchy. With this in mind, are watches for men really that important in appearance?

If a study is to believed, the answer might be a big yes. However, it appears men's watches aren't just tied with style and fashion alone. According to the aforementioned study, people who like to wear wristwatches tend to be punctual, driven, and hard-working. This is associated with a behavior known as conscientiousness. It appears wearing a watch can reinforce those remarkable behaviors, aside from your style.

The Most Luxurious Men's Watches: Your Global List

With the above in mind, you might be motivated in buying your own men's watch for your various needs. Before you do so, however, you might want to look at these hot items that the most stylish of men use - for reference.

  • Minute Repeater Carousel 0235-3631-55B, Blancpain Le Brassus, $309,075: Blancpain is popular known for its "supreme quality" watches, which matches its reputation for making unique and high-quality watches. Its pieces are known to have quite a unique aesthetic to them, particularly the often transparent faces that showcase how time-keeping works in exquisite detail. The Repeater Carousel is an example of such displays of aesthetic and elegance. It has a carousel minute repeater that has a minute flying carousel. The case itself is made of 18 carat gold, with a dial made from white grand feu enamel. 
  • Patrimony 85180, Vacheron Constantin, $19,495: Vacheron Constantin is Switzerland's oldest watchmaker, having been found in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron. Its quality didn't suffer with age, though. Rather, it's only improved since. Vacheron Constantin has always produced pristine and elegant watches, all with restrained designs that are created with refined craftsmanship. The Patrimon7 85180 proves elegance and simplicity can top the style game. The watch comes with a convex face design with a transparent back, and a gold casing. It has silver minute and gold hour markers, with a master-crafted leather band.

  • Royal Oak, Audemars Piguet, $23,900: Audemars Piguet is one of the most unique watchmakers in the world because of its continuous ownership. In fact, Audemars Piguet is the only luxury watch brand in Switzerland that's owned by the families of Edward Piguet and Jules Audemars, its original founders. What's perhaps the most interesting in Royal Oak, however, is that it's completely hand-made with a host of different features. These include diamond-graved bridge bevels, a choice of pearl white or onyx black faces, cases available in silver or 18-carat pink gold, and bidirectional automatic winding.
  • Vintage 1945, Girard-Perregaux, $10,500: Girard-Perregaux has maintained its reputation of creating exceptionally beautiful mechanical men's watches since its conception in 1856. A lot of their watches are extremely famous, in fact, that they're a lot more exclusive than other brands. And for good reason - the Vintage 1945 has a square face design with an analog dial, coming in variations of white, black, or silver. Its bands are also in black or brown leather, and overall helps give the timepiece quite an exquisite and vintage feel.
  • Maxi Marine Diver Chronometer, Ulysse Nardin, $7,800: Since its creation in 1846 by Ulysse Nardin, his company (bearing his namesake) has survived two world wars and has since then been making luxury timepieces. It's still operating in its original building in its original Le Locle, Switzerland location. If you're a fan of marine chronometers, then your journey should lead to getting a Maxi Marine Diver Chronometer. The timepiece has a round body of stainless steel that is secured by both a rubber and titanium strap. Its analog arms are on top of a deep blue face, protected by a sapphire crystal glass. It's very durable, and is designed to be water-resistant for up to 300 meters deep.
  • Master Ultra Thin Moon 39, Jaeger-LeCoultre, $7,134: Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre have been making watches since 1833, and are known for their sleek and refined designs with high-quality materials. The Ultra Thin Moon 39 is testament to such craftsmanship, as its timepiece has a clean round face with a calendar date indicator and analog time mechanism. The calendar recorder can also map the phases of the moon. The watch's face has an off-clam appearance to it, with hour markers and watch arms a slick silver, alongside a blue second counter. Its 4.9 millimeters black leather band make it really sleek.
  • Kirium F1, TAG Heuer, $713.99: Folks from TAG Heuer have always been known for their pieces fit for the "active man." When Edouard Heuer found the company in Switzerland in 1860, their watches have always been geared towards men who want to have an active lifestyle. As such, their watches have been associated with auto racing and sailing. The Kirium F1 is an example of such a branding, as the stainless steel watch in itself - with a backlit black face and silver analog dial, protected with a sapphire crystal - also is accompanied with a soft leather band. The watch features both analog and digital displays, it has a perpetual calendar, and can track a second time zone.

The Bottomline: The Perfect Watch For The Perfect Price

Men's watches can give quite the statement, regardless of wherever you are or whatever you might wear with them. Choosing the right men's watches for your dress can be quite the challenging endeavor, especially if there are a lot to choose from. If the above are any indication, perhaps a good way to look at the watches that can fit best with your clothes is to look at the most luxuriously men's watches in the world. That way, you can see men's watches to their full potential, and you can see just what sort of watches are worth saving for to get that impression right.

Published by Elena Tahora