It's just been a couple of days since I joined the Pokemon Go bandwagon, but I'm hooked! Trust me, now I genuinely understand what all the craze is about. The fact that it is the first big augmented reality game, available to download for free on ios & android devices combined with the fact that it taps into nostalgia for those who played Pokemon in the 90s, explains a lot about the mania! It has taken the entire world by storm, especially NYC :)

Pokemon Go has New Yorkers in a complete frenzy traveling all over the city in the quest to catch the rarest of the digital beasts. The app that’s taken millennials, nerds and anyone with a smartphone by storm has prompted companies to conduct data analysis on players to learn more about the augmented reality game. One such company is Pokémapper, the world’s largest user-contributed gaming map. Using the data collected by this company, I'm listing down some of the top places in NYC for playing Pokemon Go!

Times Square: The most crowded and touristy place in NYC, is definitely filled with a lot of Pokestops and Pokemons waiting to be caught!

Bryant Park: There's a huge gym located at the Bryant Park fountain, and so there are frequently crowds of gamers all clustered around it.

Columbus Circle: We were there last weekend, and it was crazy! I'm sure if I waited there longer, I would have been able to capture someone atop the statue :P

Nintendo HQ: Because obviously the New York City HQ of Nintendo would be an excellent place to spot Pokemon!

Empire State Building: The city's most iconic skyscraper is home to both a gym and to well-known Pokemon like Meowth. But only you can decide whether it's worth paying the $32 fee to get a pic of a Pikachu atop the landmark.

Highline Park: There are lots of Pokemon around this park—common ones like Zubats and Krabbys, I catch them every day on my way to work ;)

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? Which are the best places in NYC to catch some weird and rare Pokemons?

Published by Ruchita Sarawgi