We resist Costco trips for a reason.  We know the minute we step inside that wonderful world of nonsense (I know you know), we easily drop $200 (today was $350 so clearly we had more junk to stock up on).  In all honesty, we didn't even get much nonsense, but a lot of stuff we "needed" like wipes, camp snacks, toilet paper, salads, etc.  I guess some things were essentials, but it's just adds up because everything comes in such large portions.  30 double rolls of toilet paper, anyone?  Yep, right here (apparently).

Big H was happy to find her backpack and matching lunch bag for the year.  Our rule is a new knapsack and lunch bag every two years so they have to learn to take care of it.  We go to the dollar store for things like scissors, pencils, erasers, etc.  Ha ha surprisingly, we buy our own supplies even though we can easily get it from work.  It's fun for them (and me) to go and get their own stuff.  Too bad Target is gone.  They had the CUTEST pencil designs.

Last week, I ordered some labels from Oliver's Labels as they were having a sale.  A friend was posting about it and she's a rep so why not kill two birds with one stone?  One design I got for Baby C (she started daycare, more on that another time) was the "Brown Bear" stuff by Eric Carle.  She loves that book so it was perfect!  I restocked labels for Big H (cupcake design naturally) and she can't wait to go label-crazy (wonder who she got that from).

Getting school stuff means that summer is coming to a close and that's just sad.  Back to routine is good, but the freedom to do whatever and whenever is ending.  We've let the big girls get away with later bedtimes.  Sometimes it's 9 pm and other times, they've stayed up to 11 pm just watching the Olympics with us.  They still naturally get up around 7 am which is fine and if they are tired, they just catch a nap.  If we're out, they get a quick snooze in the car.  They start summer camp next week so they will be going back to their regular bedtimes so they can practice getting up for school and getting dressed right away. (It is just a few weeks away.  I can't believe it.)

Does anyone else love getting their school supplies?  Does this time of year make you happy or sad?

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