As I am perusing the brochures arriving in the mail from the universities my third and youngest son has applied to, I cannot help but feel that my job as a mother is very quickly becoming obsolete. I have been committed to this job for over 25 years now, and although the interview process was slow and stressful, (check out my book about this subject G9P3A3) once I knew the job was mine, there was no looking back.  The years have truly flown by, with the high points and low points all blended together in my memory, representing an amazing opportunity I am extremely grateful for.

I believe that the job of being a mother is the most important as well as the most difficult job a woman can ever have.  This may seem like an old-fashioned, anti-feminist, and sexist statement, but it is one made in genuine respect for all mothers, including those within the animal kingdom.  Mothers, like the offspring they bear, come in all shapes, sizes, colors and species.  A pregnant female takes on the mental and physical responsibility to nurture, grow, love, provide for and protect her children, an important job for many years.

Of course, some mothers have a much easier job than others. Things like age, IQ, location, financial and marital status, as well as level of education can all influence their individual job descriptions and performance levels.  The best part is that although being a mother can be a difficult job, it can also be the most rewarding job.  Fortunately, the conditions mentioned that make the job easier or more difficult do not necessarily have any affect on the level of success achieved.  Introducing a happy, content, respectful, emotionally and socially stable adult to the world is a reward beyond comparison, one that all the money in the world cannot purchase.

Despite an expected reduction in my job’s responsibilities coming soon, I hope to stay on as a senior consultant and advisor for many years to come.


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