What's the thing that leads your life? It may be logic, emotions or maybe the lyrics of a song. In what s concerning Princess Ariel, for sure is the music of the heart. It is proven that our pulse increases when we are interacting with a person we love. That vibe, caused by the adrenaline could take one into very dangerous situations. Even though our Little Mermaid was not allowed to have any connection with the human world, her attraction to it brought in the way her true love. That itself was also a problem. A mermaid, not any but the daughter of the king, has fallen in love with a human being! I don’t know your opinion but I`m sure that a tail and two legs are not much alike. Princess Ariel also knew that. Luckily, she was brave enough and prepared to sacrifice even her beautiful voice for a pair of legs that could unite her with her Prince Charming. When the “heart wants what it wants”, is your decision if you want to please it or not. However, there are times when the beating thing inside of you is stronger. Princess Ariel found herself in that situation and decided to run, or maybe we should say swim, in that direction with every single drop of her strength. She knew that was the unmistaken way to follow.

Curiosity brings up new paths

The little Mermaid has taught us that true happiness cannot be achieved unless you get out of your comfort zone. We settle our boundaries but Princess Ariel broke their chains thanks to her thirst for the unknown. The curiosity she possesses made her be considered a restless child in her journey for answers. The sea life was something already well-known for Ariel so the human world fascinates her. She is craving to explore, familiarize and understand it. She even has an entire collection of human artefacts hidden in her special grotto to help her with it. King Triton is not happy about it. His own daughter disobeys his orders. Still, she never had any bit of bad intention in her actions. Eventually, her father realizes that and starts to appreciate it. When curiosity meets love and join together it creates a force our mermaid is longing to pursue. Absolutely understanding the passion burning in his little girl, The King of the Sea offers the most precious gift for the princess. That is pair of beautiful legs so she can trail her desire. When curiosity meets love and join together it creates a force our mermaid is longing to pursue. We already know everything about the human world but we cannot breath underwater in order to discover Princess Ariel`s home. It`s not impossible though to explore it! We have prepared for you a collection of mini-games to help you uncover the secrets of subaquatic dash and get lost in the treasures beneath the water. You are now able to start your own journey and show us your strength. Follow your heart and let it show you the way!

Published by scott jack