In case you just stumbled from the cave: marketing analytics is playing big for the market. Companies are eager for more precise marketing strategies to save both money and time in this cruel world. As big data strives, using numbers to quantify marketing strategies becomes popular, and more convincing when agencies want to persuade their clients about a cool strategy. Many colleges are opening up majors and tracks especially for Marketing Analytics. But before you spend time filling out applications, figuring out where your tuition fee comes from, and waiting for responses to get started learning, here are some books that can save your life right now: (Click the book cover for its Amazon page)

  1. Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Used To Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy | By Martin Lindstrom

Sometimes, when you are considering yourself as a marketer, you are not thinking like a marketer. But this book will bring you a 360 degree of how marketers or any business that sells things are thinking. From WholeFoods and Target who are selling more impressions than products, to kids’ products that invisibly making parents more panic than the brand promises, Mark Lindstrom is touring the readers to the backstage of the world’s brand factory.

  • Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy | By Martin Lindstrom

This is a small and quick book to get a brief understanding on the impulses, mistakes, conflicts among human’s shopping behaviors, but probably not the most credential one to learn how to look at the market objectively. Other than offering convincing researches, it reveals shopping behaviors based on your brain activity, which is still to be investigated by the academia. It sounds bragging and rootless compared to Brandwashed, but is a really good one to know the weakness in buying and make use of them in your strategies.

  • Marketing Analytics: Data Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel

After you get an idea about how marketing works and influences customers, the next step is to pick up real hands-on tools on marketing analytics. Besides the analytics tool within social media platforms or websites. Excel is the most accessible and user-friendly tool about how you can use data to improve your business. This book also comes with online resources for all educational data and model projects. It covers from campaign awareness, products prices, or even strategy budget. This is a dictionary style book that you can keep for all your businesses.

  • R for Marketing Research and Analytics (Use R!)

If you have a little bit background of programming, (or you just don’t hate it), using R for marketing researches is one of the best way to make you a pro on marketing analytics. This book is one of the textbooks in the field that can hold your hands to go through basic calculations, segmentation and even insights on how you manage your marketing data.

  • An Introduction to Statistical Learning

A marketing mind is not sufficient for marketing analytics. You have to think like both a marketer as well as a data analyst. An introduction book to statistical thinking is a must be. Also a textbook itself, this book not only has step-by-step intro to what is statistical learning and its application, there is also assignment and projects you can work on by yourself.

Published by Qing Zhang