Earlier tonight I was out on a coffee date with an interesting girl; she was from Mexico, came from a good middle class family, and is currently holding a work visa yet still keeps her Mexican citizenship while working in the oil and gas industry.  What makes her situation perplexing is that she choose to come here and try to make a new life for herself after completing her last 3 semesters of college to earn a BA in Engineering in 2010 and has been working in the oil and gas industry for years.  She often goes back and forth from Mexico to Texas and her parents and siblings even stop by to visit her to make sure that she is going just fine here.  She has been able to build a life for herself here, not as an actual citizen that came from another nation, but as a immigrant on a work visa that is making another life here while retaining ties with her homeland in Mexico.

What is often never talked about is how the only immigrants achieving any modicum of success are the ones who came from  well to do backgrounds.  Take myself for example; I came here with my parents, who came here from an upper echelon of Nigerian society.  We came here with money and savings and were able to build from those savings a new life here in America.  Now, do not think that we did not work hard for our success but we had a good solid building block of wealth, economics, private education that we all received in a foreign land.  When we entered here, we used our privileges of our homeland to achieve what is called the American Dream of success.  Such stories do not exist in the mainstream media because it would finally paint the true picture of the American Dream being a farce intended to try and draw more people into this country with false dreams and false hope.

For life in America is hard and not designed for the weak of mind and heart; there are very little government benefits for immigrants and in order to legally immigrate to this country, you have to have wealth stashed in your homeland to make the journey successful.  That is why people, desperate for a new life and a better life than the ones they have in their homeland, do whatever is necessary to enter here.  Now, do not think for a second that I support illegal immigration but I feel that I must speak the truth based on both experience and research on this matter.  For the idea of the American Dream exists for those who have the means, motive, and resources to afford to come here and start not from scratch but from what they were able to transfer into the United States.

Published by Henry Graves