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Thirteen. 13. XIII. तेरह.
Same number. Different ways of saying. Different ways of writing. 
Interesting fact is, that even today, number *13* is considered to be unlucky. Many people lay in bed paralyzed by fear and avoid daily tasks, work, travelling, etc. Why? Because according to them, 13 is unlucky.
There has also been a longstanding myth that if 13 people dine together, one of them will definitely die within a year. {Well, I had dinner with 13 people more than 10 times and all of us are perfectly fine.}
Infact, the number 13 has been cursed across the world from thousands of years. Number 12 is called as number of perfectness and that is why we have 12 months in a years, 12 hours in a day, and also, 12 God’s in Olympus.

In 1881, an association named ‘The Thirteen Club’ made an attempt to improve the number’s reputation, and dissuade any kind of negative associations with the number.

Despite many efforts, this number (13) continues to be the unluckiest till now. Many cities don’t have 13th street or 13th Avenue. Many high rises don’t have a 13th floor. Hospitals don’t have room numbered as 13. Even airports don’t have a gate 13.


One theory also hypothesizes that, 13 had been considered unlucky because Jesus was betrayed by the 13th man at The Last Supper.
According to CNBC, 13th date is a calm date for the stock market, average gains proving to be 0.2% or less. Also, in Italy 13 is considered to be a lucky number. The expression ‘to do 13’ means hit the jackpot.
And, according to stats, there were no such reports or written evidences against this.

After all this many people still believe in myths like cutting hair on Friday 13th would lead to death of a family member, or if a mirror breaks on 13th, we would have 7 years of back luck.

I don’t know why people have to believe on such myths. Nothing is real. We haven’t experienced any such thing in our lives before. People just hear such things and get convinced to believe in it.

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