Today the memories were made. Yeah,it was just you and me and we did not do anything special but it is the fact that we were together,that’s the beginning of a memory and regardless of what we do,whether we go skydiving or sit on the bench in the park,it will be a memory for me and I will cherish every second with you forever. Regardless of what happens to us,to me,it will stay with me forever. You have made my day,you made it extra special,you were the secret missing ingredient to my perfect day. The sweet sugary candy to my sour life.

   Today the sun is out and seems to be shinning brighter than ever. Light breeze freshens the air and slowly moves your beautiful thick hair, around your glowing face,which has me so mesmorized. The nature is alive all around us,birds are singing,everything is green and full of life and it is as if you are the one who made my world come alive. You are the one who gave it extra flavour,colour and light. You made it bearable,brighter,and so much more than it was. The air all around us is infectious,sweet.I feel like I am drunk on love,a natural high,euphoria. Absenth of the heart and mind. Your love,that is all I needed and it got me soaring through the skies today. You give me strength,you give me power,you make me a hero and it is my pleasure to serve. Summer’s heat dulls the senses ever more so,makes me lost in the moment,makes me lost in the day and the beautiful creature that is you. You got me in your hand,on the plate and ready. I submit,give in,give up. Take it all,take my heart and don’t let go. Don’t end this dream that is you,don’t end the sweetness envolping us and please never let go. You are my drug,my drink,my additcion. You are my high,you are my all.


Originally appeared on my blog.Link in the profile description.

Published by Arthur Lepa