We end the look at the network drama projects for pilot season with NBC.

As Season Zero notes NBC is having the best season of the networks, but still has some serious concerns.  Reality show The Voice is fading and Timeless really failed to take advantage of the slot following that show while it was still at its peak.  Recent successes Blindspot, The Blacklist and Chicago Med didn’t have ideal years, but NBC still had a better year than its main competitors.

This year the net will likely look for a companion show for freshmen hit This is Us and to try again to use The Voice to launch a new hit.  The possible This is Us companions include Good Girls, which sounds like Desperate Housewives if the wives turned to lives of crime, and an untitled project about a mother and daughter trying to save their family funeral home by turning the funerals into a celebration of life.

There is also The Ark, a science fiction Noah’s Ark story about an engineer constructing a space ship to allow humanity to escape a dying planet.  The net has another end of the world show with The Last Policeman, which follows a cop in the years after a large asteroid is found to be on a collision course with Earth.  Boys follow the formation of a boy’s band, while Canyon City tells the story of a city where the main business is the various prisons located around the city.  CRISPR is a crime show set in the near future where a CDC scientist and an FBI agent fight against crimes committed through DNA hacking.

Spin is the story of a dysfunctional family running a public relations firm, while The Curve finds an idealist lawyer teaching at one of the worst institutions in the country.  Salvation focuses on a hospital during a flood while Vox tells the story of journalist reacting to the perceived corruption of the journalism industry.

While Grimm is coming to an end, NBC is considering another show from the team behind that genre show.  Treasure follows a group of grad students who uncover a decades old secret and find themselves drawn into a conspiracy involving blood money and murder.

Though it didn’t make Season Zero’s list, NBC also has The Eight, the story of a team of insurance agents who specialize in haunted houses, and are trying to find eight specific properties that are connected by a mysterious and powerful force.  There is also Dick Wolf’s attempt to build a new franchise, this time focusing on the FBI

There are definitely some projects that catch my eye here, such as the two end of the world dramas.  CRISPR and Treasure could have potential, while I have absolutely no interest in Boys, and Canyon City might be a hard sell on network television.  I’m not sure how long Salvation could last, while the others could work if the writing and casting is up to par.

Published by Andrew Clendening