There is no passion to be found playing small- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Nelson Mandela

Some people say in order to succeed you must be specific with what you want. This allows you to not waste time on events in your life that does not make you grow in the way you want to. However, unlike me i'm just floating around, popping in every now and then. It's like i'm jumping from a plane high in the sky, in the middle of a thunder storm not knowing where to land or how to land. That's my life. Who else is scared of the never ending question, you find yourself asking people and then when it comes to you it's like lock me up now and throw away the key. You lot must be wondering about this dreadful question. 'What do want to do when you grow up?'or 'What do you want to be?' even better 'Tell me about yourself?' Where's the exit sign so I can run away, i'm like to myself I don't know or I come up with a ridiculous answer to convince me and you that i'm secure in my decisions. In all seriousness though, there are so many ways to approach this but do it your way. You don't have to have it all figured out right now but you do need to know at least something. Think about it most of the greats knew they were great but most successful people didn't have it all together straight away. What i'm trying to say is i'm not going to take action on something i'm not super passionate about or else i'm just wasting my time. 


Published by Simone McIntosh